Sunday, March 9, 2008

Board Meeting at Edgar and Peggy's last March 9, 2008

A board meeting was held last March 9, 2008, Sunday at Edgar and Peggy's. Lots of food, lot's of fun. Lots of jokes.

SAVE THE DATE – May 17, 2008

At the meeting, there were discussions that we should have another SAMAT fiesta/get together. It was mentioned that a new rush of kababaryos have arrived—this would be a perfect time to meet and welcome the new arrivals. The last SAMAT celebration was in 2005. We urge you to attend the SAMAT fiesta. We will provide food, games and prizes—in return, we only ask for your presence and generosity by paying your membership fee of $25. Plans are also underway for a 20th SAMAT Anniversary celebration next year.

For more information, call Cora Mendoza at 818-833-1927 and Bert Buluran, 909-591-2590.

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Zeny Umali said...

This is a test. Ang sarap naman nang pagkain.